Filthy Clean Panty Sniffers


Throw these babies into one of your musty closets or drawers for added freshness but don’t be surprised the next time you reach for your underwear and you stop to take a sniff! Toss one inside your gym bag, next to your kitty litter, inside your vacuum cleaner bags, or even your car. The possibilities are endless for these air fresheners!

Our little Panty Sniffer muslin bags are made from recycled unbleached cotton and have an all-natural untreated color. Each one is stuffed with a highly absorbent (100% natural & biodegradable) granular base that has your favorite Grizzly scent!

This listing is for a (3 pack) of a single scent of Panty Sniffers. Please choose your scent below, above the “Add to Cart” button.

Please visit the scents’ individual listings for aroma details.

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You will receive (3) 3×5 sachets in a single scent of your choice.

Fragrance will last for many weeks. Please discard and dispose once it has faded.

Do not open pouch and remove granular base. Not intended for children. Keep away from household pets and other prying hands. No chemicals or preservatives are used in any Grizzly product. 100% Green.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 2 x 4 in


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