Flannel & Skinny Jeans

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In case you haven’t gotten the memo – there’s a uniform to be cool!

Hipsters have a large array of clothing that help them identify each other from the non-hipster crowd (seriously), but none more of a staple than the flannel shirt and black skinny jeans combo.

Giving off the impression that they’ve just been working on the railroad, these ‘ultra-trendy’ hipsters usually wear their flannel shirts all buttoned up and in some god awful retro color, reminiscent from 1970something, with their sleeves rolled up to show off their tattooed forearms.

From the waist down they’re serving ‘dinner and a show’ realness with black skinny jeans, so tight, that they leave little to the imagination on whether or not the wearer was circumcised as a child.

Together they form the perfect outfit and chic coat of armor that only a true gritty hipster can pull off (and the last part is still debatable).

But don’t let these hipsters fool you into thinking they’re too cool for clean clothes. They’re only pretending to look like they’re wearing 3 day old dirty threads. The smell of fresh clean clothes, our Flannel & Skinny Jeans is a complex bouquet of carnations, lily of the valley, and hyacinth; underlined by oceanic oakmoss and white musk.

Runners up: American Apparel hoodies, faded band t-shirts, vests, oversized cardigans, summer scarves, witty messaged baseball caps, and Doc Marten boots.


Classification – Unisex
Suggested Season – Spring

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1.25 x 1.25 x 3.25 in


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