Kid Sister

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To your kid sister, everything was always rainbows and unicorns.

And bubbles and stickers.

And Lisa Frank. Can’t forget Lisa Frank.

Not a care in the world except for the life and times of her latest boy band crush.

And while she probably actually smelled of prepubescent sweat and cheap drugstore perfume back then, we decided to reminisce on her other more favorable scents.

We took the sweet aroma of juicy watermelon bubble gum and combined it with the sugary delight of cotton candy. Perfectly perky. Perfectly hyper. Perfectly kid sister.

So from now on you’ll remember your kid sister the way she used to be: Listening to the radio, snapping her bubble gum, and hugging her stuffed animals while writing in her diary.

That, and all the times she ratted on you to your parents.

Well, we didn’t say she wasn’t annoying.

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