Candle Care

We want you to love your candle as much as we do! Follow these tips for an optimal burn experience!

1 – TRIM THE WICK. – Keep your wick centered and trimmed to about ¼’’ before every burn. No trim is necessary for the first burn.

2 – ELIMINATE EXCESS SOOT. – If your wick is mushrooming or you’re getting excess soot when burning, your wick may not be trimmed enough. Also, make sure it’s not burning for more than the recommended time.

3 – BURN IT SAFELY. – Always burn your candle on a heat-resistant surface, avoid drafts, and never leave unattended. Remove all packaging before burning & keep out of reach of children and pets.

4 – LET THE WAX POOL. – For the best burn and boldest fragrance, allow your candle to burn until the melt pool reaches the walls of the vessel. This will ensure an even burn and also prevent tunneling. Tunneling is more apparent in the first initial burn of the candle. Because wax has memory, if you don’t get a clean even burn the first time, the wax will continue to melt this way, creating that tunnel effect.

5 – MIND YOUR USAGE. – Do not burn candles for more than 4 hours at a time and make sure wax pool is always free of debris. Long usage creates soot and clogs the wick which then lessens the fragrance level.

6 – SNUFF IT OUT. – Do not use water or any other liquid to extinguish your candle. Use a candle snuffer or a lid to suffocate and put out the flame without any lingering smoke.

7 – KNOW WHEN TO SAY GOODBYE. – When only about 1/2’’ of wax remains, it’s time to stop burning and part ways with your candle. Reuse or recycle the container!

8 – TRY SOMETHING NEW. – Now that you’re a candle care expert, move onto a new fragrance until you’ve tried them all!

Not feeling the flame? Try a candle warming plate that gives off the same melted fragrance throw without having to light your wick!