Hazy Renovation

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The amazing end result of home improvement always seems to overshadow the excruciatingly hard knock process it takes to get there.

The scent of a house in renovation: the dry, powdery and chalky smell of fresh drywall, the hazy build of new construction, and a hint of paint thinner.

Does not include the smell of constant stress headaches and empty bank accounts.


Top – Drywall

Heart – Paint Thinner

Base – Aged Wood, Dust

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Full of color and personality, our vibrantly designed candle jars provide a clean and fun look ready to light up any room. Express yourself with scent!

Scent Throw – Light to Medium

Burn time – 40 – 50 hours

Jar Dimensions – 10 oz – 12 oz – base diameter – 3.625 inches by 3.5 inches tall – Wide-Mouth With Bamboo Lid

Please trim your wick ¼ of an inch before each burn!

When lighting your candle be sure to let the top melt into a complete circle before extinguishing. This enhances the scent as well as ensuring an even burn each time.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in

6 reviews for Hazy Renovation

  1. Ashley

    I’ve lamented to my husband that our house has lost its “new smell” and then I found this candle. I let him open it and he said, “It smells exactly like what it says it does!” And it did! Love it. We also got a small “Dusty Attic” and we love it, too! Smells nice and dusty.

  2. Kerri T.

    Everytime I buy a new candle, I’m in awe of how accurate the scents are. I don’t know how you can capture these scents so perfectly.

  3. Caitlyn

    I’m definitely a fan of unconventional candle scents, and I love the smell that comes with home renovations. My work is currently having a lot of construction done, and there’s only so many times you can breathe deeply to take in the smell before your coworkers start to notice lol, so I figured it would be a good idea to just get this candle and enjoy the scent at home. It’s super accurate, when they describe the scent as drywall, wood shavings, and paint thinner, they absolutely aren’t lying. If that’s your thing, you’ll love this

  4. Michelle N.

    smells exactly like drywall and paint. thanks!

  5. Bonnie Crouch

    This was item was exactly as described. Very timely shipping. It will be a great Christmas present for our adult children who are renovating their houses.

  6. October Gingham

    I’m pregnant and having “smell cravings” and this hit the spot! I JUST WISH THERE WAS A FRAGRANCE OIL OR PICK ME UP REFRESHER!! I love it soooo much!! Thank you!!!!

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