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Ah, Paperback. Tomorrow’s generation won’t even know what you are. But no, we haven’t forgotten you. We haven’t forgotten you at all. We still care.

The scent of a brand new unread paperback novel: crisp paper in a tightly wound book, vibrant printed words with a hint of mechanical odor, a glossy cover and an immaculate spine both without any creases. The moment you flipped it open and first inhaled that fresh paper, it was like pure literary magic.

Rich Himalayan bamboo blended with a vanilla-hinted cedarwood, topped off with notes of driftwood and leather, it’s that calming nostalgia that only true book enthusiasts could understand.


Can’t get enough of our candle scents? Try our Pick-Me-Up Refresher stick!

A convenient roll-on oil that you can use for a splash of fragrance or to freshen up throughout your day. Rolls on silky, absorbs quickly, and gives your aura a little pick-me-up.

Made with only pure fractionated coconut oil and fragrance. This product is chemical & phthalate free.

Dimensions: .3 oz (9ml) – 3 ¼” with cap on – Solid Black glass jar/plastic roller

Not intended for children. If any skin irritation occurs upon use – discard immediately.

Note: We are not responsible if people find you irresistible after using this product. You will have to fight them off all on your own. Sorry.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1.25 × 1.25 × 3.25 in

19 reviews for Paperback

  1. Nikki

    When I opened this to smell, I was floored. It smells exactly like a bookstore. I love, love, love this scent. Everything came packaged with care, and the notes were very sweet. Grizzly has a very happy customer.

  2. Carolyn R.

    Pleasant smell, But it smelled more vaguely like trees than an old paperback. My little sister likes it though 🙂

  3. Catie V.

    This is what I expected. A leather book. Maybe this is more of a “man’s” scent because I like sweet things. My father will love this.

  4. Ashley

    Beautiful scent! I tried the pick-me-up refresher out of the gate to see if I liked it before I bought the candle. I’m so excited to place my order for the candle and make my house smell like my favorite book.

  5. Devan L.

    Grizzly shipped quickly, and my item was packaged well. I love to read, and after switching to my e-reader I really miss the smell of books. I ordered the paperback refresher that way I can be the one to smell of books! The scent is light, and not very overpowering, which I love. It is also, surprisingly reminiscent of paperback. I will certainly order from Grizzly again.

  6. Paige Herd

    I can’t rave about this enough. After trying expensive brand name “paperback” or “book” fragrances, this is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.

  7. Jenifer H.

    This is flat out amazing! I can’t believe just how much like walking into a bookstore in the French Quarter of New Orleans this smells like.

  8. waiting2bdiscovered

    Smells just like an old leather bound book. I do wish it didn’t fade out quite so quickly but prefer the soft coconut oil base to an alcoholic base. Plus, it fades into a lovely, soft vanilla. I still think this is my new favorite perfume and was exactly what I was looking for in a ‘book’ scent!

  9. Ashlee B.

    I smell like half price books and vanilla. And I couldn’t be happier about that. You guys rock.

  10. Amy L.

    Oh my god, people won’t stop complimenting me. I was expecting an amazing product and it’s even better than that. Thanks, Grizzly!

  11. Sarah G.

    Smells just like a brand new book!!! The freshly printed ink, paper, and a good hit of vanilla!! Certainly one of the best purchases I’ve ever made!

  12. Lori B.

    This is a fantastic smell for cool crisp days!

  13. Jennifer

    Wow! This really does smell just like the pages of a book. I have been searching for a scent like this for forever. I have lots of perfume oils that have a “book” accord, but none that are actually true to life. This is the perfect representation, and I couldn’t be happier. It stays paperback for hours before becoming a bit sweeter and more floral with the paper in the background. I adore it! Excellent prices and fast delivery. Perfect.

  14. Heather R.

    Oooh, smells so good! So close to that yummy book smell I love so much!

  15. Inactive

    If you’re looking for a dupe for the Demeter fragrance of the same name, this isn’t it. But it is an unexpected, fresh, almost grassy smell that’s reminiscent of a new book without being overly dusty or papery. Absolutely recommend for a book lover who wants a scent on the more masculine side.

  16. Ruby Dynamite

    This has a light floral sweet/papery/linen-like scent that’s just delightful. Feels a bit like the feminine version of Old Fashioned Library, but any scent is unisex if you want it to be! ;D

  17. brittanymareeott

    This is my new signature scent and I had to get a back up. I sincerely hope Grizzly will continue to make this in the future because I will always be purchasing more.

  18. Misty German

    Shipped quickly. Smells exactly like what it says. I love it! I will definitely be shopping here when looking for a unique scent.

  19. Klint

    Smells just like a fresh paperback. Couldn’t be happier. I bought it to put some on the inside of my kindle case. I love the convenience of an eBook, but I was missing the smell. This did the trick!

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