Creepy Basement


Whether you had one that scared you as a kid or were just terrified by a relative’s whenever you visited, having to enter an unfinished basement (the scary creepy kind) was always a mental battle lost.

Cool yet humid, damp yet dry, our Creepy Basement brings you back to that exact moment of slowly walking down those dark wooden stairs, fear tightening in your chest and your mind playing tricks on you as you quickly ran to retrieve whatever had fallen down there.

The smell of a dank and musty crawl space, odorous of wet rock and mildew, will forever be imbedded in the nostalgia of your brain, so why not embrace it? Notes include evergreen cedar, icy tea tree, eucalyptus, spiced musk, and hints of green accord. It’s a creepy fragrance to go with a creepy memory.

I’ll give you a dollar if you go down first.


Full of color and personality, our vibrantly designed candle jars provide a clean and fun look ready to light up any room. Express yourself with color and scent!

Fragrance – Evergreen Cedar, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Spiced Musk

Scent Throw – Medium

Burn time – 40 – 50 hours

Jar Dimensions – 10 oz – base diameter – 3.125 inches by 4.25 inches tall – With Bamboo Lid

Please trim your wick ¼ of an inch before each burn!

When lighting your candle be sure to let the top melt into a complete circle before extinguishing. This enhances the scent as well as ensuring an even burn each time.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 4 in


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