Dirty Hipster

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As ironic as an emo, skinny jean wearing, Williamsburg Hipster, this candle is anything but dirty.

Infused with notes of oak, amber, and sea moss, with a hint of coconut and wood shavings, this clean earthy scent is familiar yet as obscure as those androgynous punk bands hipsters like so much.

We encourage you to light this baby up, but we also warn you: It might make you wanna slip on a pair of black rimmed glasses, order your favorite vegan take-out (organic only, come on!), and sit back and relax to your tasteful yet candid Instagram selfies on your Apple devices.

Just kidding. Androids too. Damn the man.


Can’t get enough of our candle scents? Try our Pick-Me-Up Refresher stick!

A convenient roll-on oil that you can use for a splash of fragrance or to freshen up throughout your day. Rolls on silky, absorbs quickly, and gives your aura a little pick-me-up.

Made with only pure fractionated coconut oil and fragrance. This product is chemical & phthalate free.

Dimensions: .3 oz (9ml) – 3 ¼” with cap on – Solid Black glass jar/plastic roller

Not intended for children. If any skin irritation occurs upon use – discard immediately.

Note: We are not responsible if people find you irresistible after using this product. You will have to fight them off all on your own. Sorry.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1.25 × 1.25 × 3.25 in

9 reviews for Dirty Hipster

  1. Jane C.

    Not only do I love this product, everyone I have shown it too immediately wants to buy it. I have gotten many compliments and asked what are you wearing? You will not be disappointed, I promise! It makes me happy to put it on in the morning and then to reapply during the day for a pick me up.

  2. Heather

    I love this scent!!! I can smell some oak, seamoss and just a hint of coconut but it’s not beachy at all. And the sample candle of the Dirty Hipster scent was a great move because I pretty much want everything I own to smell like this now, so thank you! My only slight gripe is that Dirty Hipster isn’t available in a spray. I’m sure I’ll be back for more. Because seriously, I can’t get over how good this smells.

  3. Anne

    Very strong and interesting.

  4. Katie C.

    I love everything about this. The scent is awesome and the packaging is great!

  5. Rachelle K.

    Great refreshing smell! Not overpowering, very soothing.

  6. Emily W.

    I got this for my husband but I actually prefer it! Slightly coconutty, teeny bit masculine. Nice fresh scent.

  7. Katie D.

    Dirty Hipster is my new favorite thing. I had the lotion on my wishlist and received it as a gift from my sister-in-law. I loved it instantly and am so psyched that this refresher is just as wonderful.

  8. B. Johnson

    Smells like I need more flannel.

  9. H.R.

    Love this scent. It’s fresh & woodsy & works for either men or women.

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