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This listing is for 3 (Three) .3 oz. Grizzly Pick-Me-Up Refreshers 
Please visit the scent’s individual listings for details.

Please leave the names of which 3 Pick-Me-Up Refresher  you’d like in the “ORDER NOTES” comments during checkout.






A convenient roll-on oil that you can use for a splash of fragrance or to freshen up throughout your day. Rolls on silky, absorbs quickly, and gives your aura a little pick-me-up.

Made with only pure fractionated coconut oil and fragrance. This product is chemical & phthalate free.

Dimensions: .3 oz (9ml) – 3 ¼” with cap on – Solid Black glass jar/plastic roller

Not intended for children. If any skin irritation occurs upon use – discard immediately.

Note: We are not responsible if people find you irresistible after using this product. You will have to fight them off all on your own. Sorry.

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Dimensions 3 × 1 × 2.65 in

14 reviews for Refresher Gift Set- Pick 3

  1. moretori

    scents are more complex than I expected:) they are very very weird, but in a good way. I got basement, rain and soil, and fog and mist, plus a free lil cement candle. The cement kinda smells kinda like baking soda mixed with something cold, and the basement smells like the cement plus a spicy old rug. Theyre my favorites! Fog and mist is more like a very light and misty cologne, and rain and soil smells like potting soil but spicier. Will probably come back for actual candles:)

  2. Rhonda G

    Shipping was VERY FAST! Creepy Basement, Dusty Attic, and Old Fashioned Library smell exactly as you think they would. 80’s Baby was an added bonus that brought me straight back to childhood. I’ve found my favorite scents!

  3. Mikayla McAdams

    I ordered the rollers to get an idea of scents, particularly as they were out of stock of a couple of candles. I ordered two 3-packs of refreshers (2 Creepy Basement, 1 Hazy Renovation, 1 Old Fashioned Library, 1 Paperback, 1 other that was delayed). Seller was fantastic with communication, alerting me they were out of one of the scents I asked for and offered to send the available ones along first. They also SCENT (pun intended) me a small sample of cold, wet pavement. <3 The main reason I am giving only 4 stars is due to the scents themselves. I am unsure if it is the roller format, but neither Old Fashioned Library nor Paperback read as books/library/bookstore to me. Creepy Basement has a strong tone of tea tree or mint, which adds to the "cool" feeling of a musty basement, but is the most dominant scent.

  4. shelby

    A great way to check out a variety of scents! Thanks!

  5. Sinclair

    arrived quickly & accurately. not as crazy about the scents as I was hoping to be, but it’s hard to know what you’re buying when you can’t smell them beforehand!

  6. Elizabeth Colgrove

    Packaged very well and shipped quickly! Love the bonus candle, thank you! Scents i got were: Gas Station – i’m one of those that loves the smell of gas and this is it, underlayed with something clean. Wish it lasted longer on my skin but i think that’s the nature of this scent note. Old-Fashioned Library – a very pleasant dusty ozone smell blended with those cherrywood bookshelves. Letting this one sit for a while as i’m getting a bit too much cherrywood and want more dust, lol. Transcendence – this one is dark fruit forward where i was hoping for more smoke. It’s still quite nice as is but letting it sit also to see if it melds. Overall i’m very happy with my purchase, the value, and quality. Will be back for more scents!

  7. Milo

    Strong scents. I can tell a little will go a long way. Got Death, Pits and Gas Station and they sure do smell like those things translated into a pleasant perfume. Death is making me drool a bit it’s so yummy.

  8. Zach

    love this store. great packaging as usual and received a free candle sample with my order. I chose Pits (favorite), Honey Whiskey, and Bear roll-ons. Honey Whiskey smells exactly like it should which is great and Bear smells masculine and mature also like it should. you can change your entire vibe with these scents depending on what you want to express. I’m probably late but the candles might make great wax colognes that last all day if you rub your finger in and apply on your body.

  9. Brett Taylor

    not only are the product scents amazing, but the seller caught my error and contacted me to check on it. will definitely order again Edit several months down the line: the vials have proved themselves incredibly durable, and the product lasts much longer than I thought. Great value!

  10. brittanymareeott

    Amazing as always. Got my usual paperback, as well as leather daddy. I actually mixed them and found an AMAZING scent as a result. The fog and mist is very intricate and smells awesome.

  11. wil


  12. Raul Noriega

    All three scents were outstanding and perfect for summer! (Fuck Boy, Vacation Sex, Coconut Cilantro). 🙂

  13. David Thompson

    Excellent service, quality products, quick shipping! What more do you need from a seller! Very happy with my purchase and thank you for the sample! I’ll be back to shop for some more great items!!

  14. Susan

    I just had to go ahead and try some of the scents after reading the great comments. I must say the shop lived up to its rave reviews. I ordered 80s Baby, Old Fashioned Library and Crayons. I didn’t think they were “working” on me at first then…I realized Oh wow, finally I got what I’d been searching for. The longer they sit on my skin the more these scents hit the mark. My favorite has to be the Old Fashioned Library. I’d been hoping to find the right scent that smelled just like the inside of an old Carnegie library. I had purchased a Library candle as well as another Library scent. Nope- they hinted too strongly of aftershave and not old books. This is the shop for me and I’m excited to try more! Loved the little bonus candle too!

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