How Do I Get A Strong Throw?

What is “Throw”?

A word so casually tossed about within the candle industry – “throw” refers to the scent throw, which is a term used to describe the distance that the scent from the candle is able to reach. If the throw is very strong, you might be able to smell a candle from another room!

Now there’s a cold throw and a hot throw.

A cold throw is the smell that you get when a candle is unlit and not burning. For instance, you’re in a candle store and smelling all the candles to see which one you like the best – that’s the cold throw that you’re smelling. A hot throw is the smell that the candle gives off once it’s actually burning and engulfing the room. 

So how do you get a strong hot throw and maximum fragrance coverage out of your candle?

The short answer: pick the right candle for your room!

Single wick candles (15 oz and under) are meant to be used in smaller rooms (12 x 12 or less) to enhance fragrance performance. Double or triple wick candles work best in larger open concept rooms. If you can’t get your hands on a multiple wick candle, we suggest lighting at least two or more single wick ones to compensate.

Also, sometimes you can gauge the power of a candle based off the cold throw. If the cold throw is potent, most likely the hot throw will be as well. However, there are times when a cold throw may even be stronger than the hot throw, depending on the size of the room and nature of the ingredients (wax used, fragrance oil ratio percentage, etc.)

So now you know the secrets behind a candle throw! The larger the space, the greater the wicks needed!